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With the advent of new technologies and custom iphone development programs, the third generation iphones available today come with countless varieties of amazing applications for you to choose from. Other than just a device for communication, 3 G iphones of today are capable of being customized with incredible application programs which offer WiFi network connection and fastest exchange of data.

The unique combination of new technological advance and skillful creativity of experienced programmers, thousands of new features and fresh updates are benign added on to the iphone industry. Taking advantage of iphone development technologies offer enormous integration of amazing facilities such as multi-touch interface, ipod features, enhanced multimedia facilities, proximity sensors, advanced sensor and call facilities, voice memos, calendar, GPS mapping, accelerometer, address book and various web connected iphone applications such as cellular or WiFi network, emailing facilities, downloading options, etc. you can also customize your iphone with accelerometer enabled applications that includes 3 axis accelerometer with the advantage of device orientation and expert data exchange. There are lot more of new intuitive functionalities and features coming soon.


In addition to the in-built iphone applications, there are numerous types of custom application software available today through online resources for you to choose from. More than just calling facilities, iphones of today has turned out to be a tremendous technological breakout with thousands of state of the art features available to be installed or downloaded from software kits, either for free or on payment. Other than expert web connections and browser applications, you can optimize the existing applications of your favorite iphone with customized MS word doc, PDF, and Excel formats. You can also apply different CSS in your iphone and integrated integration of EDGE, XHTML, and many other advanced features. You can even install your desired kind of internet browser, whether opera based or Internet Explorer.


Accelerometer enabled functionalities are highly preferred these days for iphone developers. Accelerometer enabled applications offer movement and orientation in 3 D space. Using the latest technological possibilities, lots of advanced features are accessible on your iphones such as OMA download, Wap applications, Java applications GUI mobile application, mobile payment options and many more. You can also access wonderful features of Bluetooth applications. There are efficient PDA software that offers business management and other works through your iphone. There are lots more good number of application emerging every day for you to choose from.


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